12 habits of happy house hunters

Purchasing real estate doesn’t have to be stressful. Follow these habits of home buyers who have found success in purchasing Ottawa real estate.

– They have set realistic goals about home ownership.
– They know the difference between what they NEED & what they WANT.
– They have hired a real estate professional to guide them through the process (Ask Ayn about this free service).
– They have done market research on the area, property & values.
– Market research is key to securing the best deal. Knowing the future development in the area, the allowable uses and various zoning information will give you a better understanding of value.
– They have an understanding of costs associated with the property.
– Ask the sellers if they can provide recent utility bills. Your family will definitely use utilities differently, but it will give you a broad range of value that you can expect to pay.
– They have completed a recent pre-approval. Yes, a pre-approval does expire. Having a pre-approval is great, but only if it’s current. Recently there have been a few mortgage requirement changes.
– They have eliminated distractions and have set aside time to get the information and view homes. Consider attending one of our free information nights visit www.BuyerSeries.ca for a full list of events.
– They have the courage to move forward once they have found the one.
– They have a firm understanding of development in the neighbourhood.
– They have viewed the property & the neighbourhood on various occasions.

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