Penny, Penny, Penny…..


Welcome to my Penny Project!

The Canadian Penny will soon be out of circulation and I have found a fun and creative way to use our iconic Maple Leafed coin in a DIY laundry room project.

Here is a bit of history on our beloved Penny:

The maple leaf is a proud and distinctive Canadian symbol, appearing on all Canadian coins minted between Confederation and 1935. The modern 1-cent coin features two maple leaves on the same twig. The design, created by G.E. Kruger Gray, was first used in 1937 and has remained unchanged with one exception: in 1967, a rock dove designed by renowned Canadian artist Alex Colville appeared on the reverse to celebrate Canada’s Centennial. Countess Grey struck the first 1-cent coin on January 2, 1908 at the official opening of the Ottawa branch of the Royal Mint (which became the Royal Canadian Mint in 1931).

Here’s the end goal…

Here’s my amazing plan;

1. Collecting Pennies – That’s the hard part! *I need your help*

Everyone needs to look through their change…look in all the deep dark crevasses…I know you have some in your car, on your dresser, in your junk drawer, an old piggy bank, couch cushions, under the seat of your car, EVERYWHERE!

For the actual floor, I need pennies from 1996 or before.  I’ve been collecting all years of pennies and dividing them up >1996 and <1996.  The pennies that are from 1997 and on wards will be donated to a local charity (to be chosen, so send in some pennies along with your suggestions for a deserving charity).

I really need your help!  are you considering sending me your pennies?  Great. Send ’em to my office: Ayn MacDonald c/o Royal LePage Team Realty 4-4188 Spratt Rd, Ottawa, ON, K1V 0Z6.

Here are some challenges to keep in mind when searching for Pennies….

  • What is the oldest Penny you can find?
  • What specialty pennies can you find?
  • Where is the strangest place you found a penny?

Get the whole family involved and set goals for everyone! (first one to 100 pennies gets bragging rights?)

I plan on collecting pennies until I have enough to complete the project.  And as mentioned all extra pennies will be going to charity!

2. Prep work: I will have to level out the floor and clean it until it shines like a brand new Penny!

I will have to prepare Penny “tiles” using a square foot of mesh with the pennies evenly spaced out. One square foot at a time…I guess I’ll be re-watching the Friends Series! (or maybe have a Penny prep party!)

3. Installation: After all of our painstaking prep work it’s time to get the pennies installed! Here is a list of the products I will be using (maybe you’re so impressed with my work you would like to do it in your home!)

Stay tuned for our Penny Goal Chart, real time updates, and maybe a video blog.



The first penny


The big sort


Figuring out the size & number of pennies needed



Open your wallet


The test area – cold storage


The real deal – the laundry room


The oldest penny so far – can you guess what year it’s from?


So many MORE for Charity, we are going to need more Ziploc bags 🙂



Start collecting pennies for me & send them to:

Ayn MacDonald
c/o Royal LePage Team Realty
4-4188 Spratt Rd
Ottawa, ON
K1V 0Z6