Bad customer service is everywhere – telemarketing tops my list! I can’t stand when I’ve just sat down after a long day, just about to have dinner when -BANG- the phone rings. The story only gets worse from there, but it’s always the same.

Someone I know got bad customer service from unnamed business in 1972 – for $17 dollars. Since that day, everytime someone talks about B3LL they bring up that story. So for $17 dollars, they could have saved the trouble, kept a customer and let the positive vibes flow.

Customer are supposted to be treated with respect, and integrity. For me, they are my bread and butter. In my line of work impressions are everything, and I work really hard to keep everyone happy!

I was recently asked what my worest customer experience was, and I had to really think about it — not just bad, but THE WORST. I think my response was in regards to an experience I had with a snoody receptionist. From the minute they answer the phone, it’s like your interupting my day. I’m sorry, it’s your job to answer the phone, so please …just pretend to WANT to talk to me. I’ve alwasy taken the high road, and as my business coaches say “Kill them with kindness”

So the next time you get BAD customer service, kill them with kindness!

After thought: How do you handle receiving BAD customer service? How do you change it? Is there a way for buinesses to change their impression once a BAD impression was made?