Being a real estate agent (Sales Representative) I often hear 101 referrences to baseball….in-the game, in the ball park, play-ball, see what flies, … after reading the blog post I was inspired to make the connection between Ice cream & home buying, so here’s my take on how buying a home is could sound like how you go about buying ice cream.

Step 1 – get the craving for ice cream (the new home ‘itch’)

Step 2 – talk about the type of ice cream you want (buyer consultation)

Step 3 – look at all the flavours (see properties)

Step 4 – narrow down the choices

Step 5 – ask for the ice cream – can I have some, please!! (the offer)

Step 6 – pay for it (obvious)

Step 7 – get the ice cream (the keys)…yeay!

Step 8 – devour the ice cream (move in, it’s yours)

Ok, so maybe home buying isn’t done in 8 easy steps….but the point is, it doesn’t always have to always be about baseball, and it doesn’t always have to be hard. So next time you hear “in the ballpark” or “let’s play ball”…. you can secretly think “humm, of what kind of ice cream do I want?”

…this is a @ZoomJer inspired post…give credit, where credit is due!