People who are considering getting into real estate always ask me if its easy, and what the hours are like, and I never know what to say to them.

What I should be saying is; do you know how to juggle? Do you have good organization skills? Do you consider yourself proactive or reactive? Can you handle the stress of others? Can you pick-up right where you left off on a project or conversation? Can you flex your personality to match those you encounter? Do you take pride is HELPING others? ……but most of all CAN YOU JUGGLE?

I can’t actually juggle. I can’t juggle 3 tennis balls to save my life. one goes up, one goes down, the other I just end up dropping on the floor. But what I can do is juggle clients, handle emotions and tie up loose ends. That’s my job, and I help people coordinate the successful sale of their home…so yes in a way I can juggle.