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12 habits of happy house hunters in Ottawa

12 habits of happy house hunters Purchasing real estate doesn’t have to be stressful. Follow these habits of home buyers who have found success in purchasing Ottawa real estate. 1 They have set realistic goals about home ownership. 2 They know the difference between what they NEED & what they WANT. 3 They have hired a real estate professional to guide them through the process (ask about this free service). 4 They have done market research on the area, property & values. 5 Market research is key to securing the best deal. Knowing the future development in the area, the allowable uses and various zoning
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Where & when to buy real estate in Ottawa

Have you ever considered that some areas of the city are growing faster than the others? Do you consider the existence or lack or LRT curious to the local immediate area? We talk about this, and so much more at the Home buying event “Where & When to Buy real estate in Ottawa”. This topic part of the topics related to the pursuit of ownership. Join us Wednesday’s evenings as we discuss mortgage considerations, location, and timing.  Visit to RSVP and save your seats. Event Details: Wednesday, March 8th, 2017, 6:30pm Unit 204-1335 Carling Ave Professionals: Ayn MacDonald –
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December Events: Weekly Seminars

  All events are comprised of short presentations by a mortgage broker, real estate agent & insurance agent. Our team of experienced professionals will answer your questions as they relate to purchasing real estate. This is not intended to solicit this is a collection of real estate conversation designed to help Ottawa home buyers. Curious about home ownership? Not sure how to get started? Visit for more info. Event Details: Wednesday’s @ 6:30pm Suite 204-1335 Carling Ave Other events in the series: Dec 7th – First timer mistakes to avoid Dec 14th – Where & When to buy real estate in
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