Improve your home’s interior with doors that are fashionable but practical One of the easiest and relatively inexpensive ways to give your home a makeover is to update it with new interior doors. Doors can provide privacy, control noise, and manage heating and air conditioning flow. Combined with the right hardware, doors can also enhance your home’s décor. Formulate the Flow Whether you’re replacing an existing door or adding a new one to create a quiet spot for reading, doing homework, or just sitting with friends, you need to consider how you want the space to work and interact with adjoining rooms. For smaller rooms, consider options that include bi-fold, sliding and pocket doors to minimize the space needed by a regular hinged door. French doors, which can open into or out of a room, let you retain the light and open look, while also adding architectural interest. If you feel doors interfere with the flow of your home, pocket doors which slide into the adjacent wall, preserve flow while also adding the option for privacy. Select a Source There are doors to suit every budget and design scheme, from rustic tongue and groove to contemporary panel styles. Materials in wood and MDF are the most common, both of which can be painted to match any colour scheme. Glass and mirrored doors reflect light and space, and the former can be frosted for privacy. If you want to consider an environmentally friendly source of material, bamboo has gained considerable attention in sustainable design because it is a hardy, durable product from a renewable resource. Pull it Together No matter what interior doors you choose, ensure they maintain a design consistency with other doors in your home. For example, French doors can be complemented by paneled doors in bedrooms and hallways. Replacement doors should have the same measurements as the old doors and for new doors, measure the width of the doorway at the top, middle and bottom and use the smallest measurement to determine the size of door required. Top it off with hardware that reflects the door’s design and enhances your home’s décor. If your doors are looking tired or are out of step with your decorating tastes, update them and be amazed at the difference they make. This is a home improvement that will make your living space more enjoyable and appealing.