When we started telling our family in friends that we were embarking on a year long journey to “buy nothing new” we got mixed reactions from them. Some were supported, some laughed, and some told us their own “frugal journey”! But when temped with our very first distraction, we almost failed (well in my opinion, we did fail). I got a stack load of crappy tire money as a Christmas gift this year – so naturally, it was burning a hole in my pocket. The first night that we were back in town, we were showered and out-the-door to buy something new at Crappy Tire. My excuse was “It’s for my business” when I know very well that I don’t really need it to sell houses, I really just needed a client. So away we went – and got a bulletin board!

Anyways, to jump ahead in the story – we have now been faced with our second challange. The fact that, we have not given ANYTHING to our in-laws was making me feel bad. A few nights ago, we had ‘the-gang’ over, and while at our place something that they cherished (their Cranium game) had a malfunctioning piece – the play doh was dry :S After they left I noticed they left the container for the play doh – I quickly grabed it and said “ohh, they forgot it.” “Wait I have and idea” why don’t I print a receipt, make a batch and give it to them to complete it. My husband said, “no we can just go to the dollar store”. BAM! Caught – his first attempt at buying new.

Needless to say, this whole experience has been fun (Day 8) and we only have 357 days days left to go!

To mimi & un-ca-kef, thank you for all your understanding this past year.