Space Saver Makeovers for Houses & Condos

Are you constantly  misplacing household items like your screwdriver or tennis racquet? If so, perhaps your household needs a little re-organizing.  Whether your home is a compact condo, cozy  semi, or spacious detached, we can all benefit from a periodic check-in to see  if we are making the best use of our space.

For house owners… Take a peek inside many Canadian garages and  chances are you won’t see a car.  Garages  and basements often become a dumping ground for all the things we rarely  use.  Here are five quick ways to makeover  your garage and/or basement:

  • Clear the  clutter!  Have a yard sale, sell your  unused goods online, or donate items to your local charity.
  • Add tall utility  shelving to free up floor space, keeping any hazardous cleaning, garden, and  automotive supplies out of reach of children by placing them on the top  shelves.
  • Store lesser  used items on utility shelving in plastic storage containers with lids to keep  out dust and moisture.  Use bigger bins  on casters for more frequently used items and roll them out of the way, such as  under a worktable.
  • Clear off your  workbench and use a wall or pegboard to hang frequently used tools and store  the rest in a tool chest.  Use jars or  plastic bins for storing and organizing smaller items like nails, screws, and  nuts.
  • Hang skis,  bikes, brooms, shovels, wheelbarrows and other unwieldy sport, garden, and  household items off purpose-built wall hooks or in specialty containers to keep  them free from damage.

For condo owners… Even in the smallest of condominium units, there  is often under-utilized space.  Here are  a few ways to help you optimize it:

  • Transfer your  music collection to a digital format and sell your space-hogging records and  CDs.
  • Keep out-of-season  clothes and spare linens in vacuum-sealed storage bags under the bed.  Use hooks for bathrobes, clothes, purses, or  even jewellery.
  • Use decorative  baskets for small items like magazines, hats, scarves, mittens, and children’s  toys to keep things neat and organized.
  • Open or  floating shelving will create the illusion of space while providing stylish  storage for household and decorative items.
  • Invest in multi-functional  furniture versus individual pieces which can take up valuable floor space. For  example, a padded ottoman can be used as coffee table, storage space, and extra  seating.