:(  But being the problem solver that I am, I have come up with a way that I can help out!

In support of my partner, who is able to participate Movember, I’ve decided to go double or nothing on his donations…to a maximum of $100.


Fine print: There’s always fine print, so here it is:

  1. make a donation by visiting http://mobro.co/jameshum
  2. e-mail me a copy of your PDF receipt — send it to info[at]aynottawa.ca
  3. I will make a donation in the same amount (to a max of $100. per donation).


Some quick math (he’s a teacher, so he will appreciate the math part):


  • $25 (your donation) + $25 (my matching donation)  = $50.
  • $46.88 + $46.88 = $93.76
  • $75. + $75. = $150.
  • $100 + 100. = $200.
  • you get the idea right?


Donate now and make it twice as special!  Plus once you make a donation, unicorns and rainbows will appear on your computer screen, I promise, really!   Okay, maybe not, but that’s a lame reason not to donate.  😀   – Ayn

Donate now: http://mobro.co/jameshum