Crap, I’ve hit the wall.

Yes, I’m actually mad at myself for making those dumb moves in my second year.  well in the first year too.

mistake.1. buy $4000. worth of CUTCO knives…..really, i actually did that. Sorry Martin, but I now regret that.  I can give something personal.

mistake.2. take a desk-fee brokerage comission structure.  Should have worked from home all along – when I work from home I get SOOO much more stuff done.  I’m just one of those persons.

mistake.3. get a big head. trust me, it will happen to you too #newbieRealtor it will happen to you. argh. Stay positive, stay focused.

mistake.4. not organizing my leads better. I let a few slip through the cracks and now I’m kicking myself.  Brian Buffini has me on the right track now though…I’m taking his 12 step program, no really I now give out ice cream scoops.

mistake.5. write down my goals… again, I hear Brian’s “It’s a goodlife” song from week 2.  arrrghhh. okay more goal setting, I promise next year.

mistake.6. keep old junk. GET RID OF IT, re-gift it, re-cycle it. Out of sight, out of mind. clean desk, clear mind.

mistake.7. stray away from “the basics”.  I totally obandonded the basis in real estate, and now have to go back to it.

Solution.8. write down all my little mistakes, and move on for an exciting 3rd year renewal. i. can. do. this.

…ok, so if I can live past the SECOND YEAR curse, I think I will be just fine.  Did you know something like 75% of realtors don’t make it past the 2 year renewal (articling phases).

bills?  what bills?  oh, those things in the mail? I still have to have my dad pay my rent. (hardest crushing feeling ever).

Ok, so here are my personal goals:

Increase twitter followers from 600. followers to 2,000. (follow Ottawa tweeps in same ratio).

Increase awards volume to 80,000. (sales acheievement)

sign 40 contracts

list: 20 homes

help clients buy: 20 homes

and sell them for 95% of LP/SP ratio

business network: once a month

host: 3 seminars: first time buyers in Ottawa:

Help each family, personally and maintain relations ships while I do it.

Do you think I can do it? are you willing to help me?  Do you know anyone looking to buy or sell.


Oh by the way, I am never too busy for your Ottawa referrals.