Learn more about housing prices in your market

The Royal LePage House Price Survey is a quarterly report geared to help you learn more about home prices in communities throughout the Canadian real estate market.

We have published the report since 1974, and many organizations turn to Royal LePage for information on trends in average house prices in real estate markets across the country. For further information, find out how we produce the report.

Issues are posted online approximately one month after the close of each quarter:

Need help understanding the terms used in the housing market survey? See the Glossary of Housing Types.

To view the Survey of Canadian House Prices you need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. To download the Adobe Acrobat Reader, visit the Acrobat site.

How we produce the Royal LePage House Price Survey

Fair market value

Housing values in the Royal LePage House Price Survey are Royal LePage opinions of fair market value in each surveyed location (Canadian real estate market only), based on local data on home prices and housing market knowledge provided by Royal LePage residential real estate experts.

Housing types

Seven categories of housing are surveyed, including four types of detached homes, townhouses and condominium high-rise apartments. Each housing type and its amenities are specifically described, permitting comparison of value across Canada. This includes many regional variances, for which adjustments in value estimates have been applied.

Property location

Location has a major influence on house prices. These survey properties are considered to be within average commuting distance to the city centre, and are typical of other housing in the neighbourhood. While the detached bungalow, standard two-storey, standard townhouse and standard condominium apartment are assumed to be in average neighbourhoods, the executive detached two-storey, senior executive and luxury condominium apartment are considered to be in prime neighbourhoods.

Mortgage financing

For the purposes of this survey, mortgage financing has not been taken into account in arriving at published housing prices, and all properties have been considered as being free and clear of debt. However, the type of mortgage debt financing on a property can bring its market value either up or down depending on the amount, term, rates of interest, method of repayment and other factors.


All material contained herein is for general information purposes only. Royal LePage cannot and does not assume any liability or responsibility for any actions or decisions undertaken by any person in reliance on information, estimates, or opinions contained or expressed herein.