Swapping is becoming something of a fashionable thing to do these days, and I quite enjoy it actually. Wether your swapping recipes, clothing, toys, or skills it can be a lot of fun, and you can meet some interesting people while doing it. I recently started a meetup group for like minded Ottawa Swappers – www.meetup.com/swapmeet you do have to be registered to meetup.com to join, but hey it’s free to join, free to attend and I guarantee you, you will get something you want out of it.

Ask me how to RSVP and attend. We are still very small group, but I’m hoping with posters and word-of-mouth the membership numbers will increase and we can let the swapping go wild!

Imagine a world, where we could trade administrative skills for skilled trades? or running errands for babysitting? This system used to work in our society, but we’ve moved away from the small town mentality. I am trying to create a platform that will allow these trades to take place.

Please check it out at www.meetup.com/swapmeet


Ayn 🙂