My young son is starting dance class next week and I couldn’t be happier. I hope they teach him my version of ‘modern dance’ (which is Gangnam Style). Oh ya! For those of you that have not caught your asian YouTube sensation, google it now.

By 3 I’ve taught him how to break-dance (actually just rolling and twirling on the floor) and how to shake his hips (cause they don’t lie)! The best part for him will be dancing with other kids his age. His Grandma is also in town visiting and the two of us will sit in the waiting area watching my little man shake his bon-bon.

This post is a few weeks old, just found it on my phone while waiting at dance class. Week 5 or 6 is underway and he loves it!

Keep on dancing little man, mumma loves you. Ohhhh, and also… We DID film the Gangnam Style video (youtube search “Redneck Gangnam Style” and look for the tractor).